Mike Nissley is the owner and operator of Ravenswood Restoration. His grandfather was a painting contractor and craftsman in metropolitan New York City for 40 years before retiring in 1967. Mike's grandfather continued taking painting and restoration jobs into his late 70s. As a Chicago kid spending summers on the New Jersey shore Mike tagged along, picking up his first tools and began to learn the art of fine restoration at the tender age of 12.

From the beginning, Mike was taught the old ways of doing things; the tried and true tricks of the trade. The foremost rules were to never, ever cut corners or settle for poor workmanship.

Through two college degrees (B.A. and M.A.) Mike worked to pay for school painting and performing a variety of remodeling jobs.

Working at a construction company specializing in insurance work, fixing water, fire, and other damage, Mike learned the carpentry, drywall, and tiling trades, all under the tutelage of expert tradesmen. He also continued refinishing wood and painting, taking scores of both interior and exterior painting jobs. Mike worked exclusively as a painting contractor for many years, doing clean, efficient, beautiful work.

You will not find a better, more conscientious painter or refinisher anywhere, bar none.

In the late 1990's while attending graduate school Mike worked with a restoration company in northern Colorado that was awarded State of Colorado funds to restore historically significant buildings, including hotels, Victorian era storefronts, and homes. This work required the use of only vintage and period materials, which proved extremely educational. The old products and ways of doing things were a bit different than today's. This gives Mike a unique historical perspective on how the painting and refinishing trades evolved. A tremendous sense of satisfaction is derived from installing and finishing tin ceilings, painting exclusively with oil based products, using only hand tools, and finishing wood with varnishes and oils.

The artisans and craftsmen of the past had limited by technology compared to today. Many of the finishes they used were hazardous and detrimental to health. These days Mike uses very sophisticated finishing products, including environmentally safe and "green" products. Power tools are indispensable today, but to do fine refinishing work much of the labor is still done by hand, employing scrapers, strippers, hand sanding, and hand repairing and reshaping of wood.

Technology along with hard practiced hand finishing gets the job done properly and efficiently without the loss of an authentic hand finish.

In Chicago, Mike has worked on the north side doing painting and remodeling work since 1990 with great pride and commitment to superior quality, and his customers are glad to report the results .

Mike has always done restoration work, and he means business. He does it right, or he doesn't do it. He stands behind what he does and personally guarantees satisfaction for each customer on each job.

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Ravenswood Restoration has one mission: to do the best job possible.

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