Count on Ravenswood Restoration to know what to do, and to do it right for a fair price.

Doing the proper prep work, choosing and correctly applying the right products, and keeping the work area neat and clean during the project... these are the marks of a professional.

Many companies knowingly provide substandard quality, but have no problem charging the going rate. Others charge significantly less than prevailing prices. They will stress your "good bargain," but they will not mention their poor workmanship or the low quality of the products they use.

Make it simple: don't deal with anyone you are not comfortable with, or anyone who cannot explain in detail, up front, the quality of the of work they do and the value they provide. If you have questions about the work to be performed on your home, Ravenswood Restoration has honest answers.

Ravenswood Restoration has one mission: to do the best job possible.

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