Curb appeal? Can do.

The pride people take in their success is reflected in the appearance of their homes. The exterior of any home, and particularly the front entrance, makes a statement.

Make it a good one.

Take a look at the homes on your street. Each house has something to say about how well it has been maintained.

The front of a home that is getting a bit "worse for wear" can be a source of annoyance for you as an owner, and it makes a clear impression on everyone who passes by.

Most of the time, just a bit of minor repair work and a fresh finish is enough to turn a daily frustration into a source of pride and satisfaction.

So... let's get to work!

Steps and Porches

Take a look at your front steps and porch and check for these common signs of wear and tear.

  • Peeling or blistered paint
  • Fading paint
  • Exposed wood surfaces
  • Rotted or loose boards
  • Warped or uneven floorboards
  • Foot pattern wear on stair treads
  • Water damage
  • Missing balusters
  • Loose railings, balusters, banisters, or pickets
  • Slippery surfaces after rain or snow

"Painting over" the problem is not going to cut it...

Whether the surfaces only need sanding, stripping, and recoating, or if boards and other structural pieces need to be replaced, each problem area needs to be addressed correctly. Slapping on a finish coat before performing the proper prep work means the finish coat is not going to last. Structural issues will continue to get worse, and that means you're out good money.

Based on over 25 years of experience, Ravenswood Restoration makes a full assesment of each issue to be addressed and recommends the correct solutions before work starts. If something new is discovered during work, you will be notified immediately and a proper solution will be offered.

If a new finish is what you're looking for, color samples are provided, and options for different products can be discussed in detail.

Decks and Fences

Decks and fences need care and attention more often over the years then other parts of your home. It makes sense, since these surfaces take the most extreme beating from the weather. Even the best deck finishes have a hard time making it through two or three years in Chicago. Trees and adjacent structures offer some protection, but a deck or fence out in the open, exposed to many hours of sunlight a day, is under a lot of stress from the elements. Decks and fences are expensive, and letting them sit in the weather for years on end will result in expensive repair and replacement costs.

When it's time for maintenance to preserve your investment, the best options are some combination of:

  • Repairing any structural issues
  • Stripping away old, damaged finishes
  • Cleaning with professional grade cleaners (hand scrubbing, power washing, or both)
  • Using a wood brightener to restore a new appearance to the surface
  • Staining or clearcoating with a product that blocks water and ultraviolet (UV) light rays from the sun